July 23rd 2020 | says ‘hallo’ with its first Dutch store in Amsterdam Allbirds plant towers

To celebrate Allbirds’s arrival in Amsterdam, locals can expect to see beautiful plant stands popping up across the city on July 10th and July 11th. Filled with air-purifying plants, courtesy of the experts at Wildernis, Amsterdammers are welcome to help themselves to a green gift. Allbirds is on a mission to minimise its carbon footprint and the plants are an invitation for locals to embark on their own carbon reduction journey. The plants also carry a hidden map with city tips from four local tastemakers. The secret spots include urban oases and local businesses, who like Allbirds, believe in making better things in a better way.    

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Scotch & Soda announces the opening of a new store in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam, July 1st 2020 | ETQ New at spice | ETQ

Founded in Amsterdam in 2010, ETQ was created as an answer to the luxury trend of over-abundant branding and excessive pricing. Our designs do not confine to fashion - we simply aspire to provide high quality, well-designed essentials for the right price. We work with a minimalistic philosophy, as we believe sustainability and durability are better for us and our world.

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On July 1, Saints & Stars opens its second luxurious boutique gym in the former church on the Gerrit van der Veenstraat in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. An ultimate next level gym experience where a glamour vibe and high-end experience come together.

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June 30th 2020 | VEJA VEJA OPENS VEJA x DARWIN: The concept store of the future

This week VEJA opened a new concept store: VEJA x DARWIN. Here VEJA sneakers are repaired, cleaned and recycled to give them a new life. The concept store consists of different departments;

# 1 The shoemaker repairs and cleans your sneakers like new
# 2 The recycling point - where old sneakers are handed in so that here new VEJA sneakers can be made
# 3 The store - where previously unreleased VEJA sneakers, old VEJA collections and sneakers with minimal flaws for low prices.


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June 29th 2020 | Allbirds says ‘hallo’ with its first Dutch store in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, June 2020 - Allbirds, the sustainable footwear and accessories brand from San Francisco, is opening its first bricks-and-mortar store in Amsterdam’s famous Nine Streets area on June 18th. Allbirds launched a dedicated e-commerce site for its Dutch customers in July 2019 and has seen a growing demand for its signature minimalist trainers, which are made from premium natural materials including Merino wool, renewable eucalyptus tree and sugarcane. The store will be Allbirds’s 19th physical store, following recent openings in Berlin, Tokyo and Washington D.C. Allbirds has experienced a strong growth trajectory in Europe and opened the doors to its second outpost in London earlier this year. 

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June 22nd 2020 | GRAY LABEL Gray Label launches clothing subscription service in June 2020

The children’s clothing brand Gray Label extends its sustainable practices by offering a wide selection from the Miniature collection through a subscription service. This way, the clothes for babies and toddles from 0 to 2 years are shared several times, ensuring a low environmental impact.

“It’s hard to keep up with the growth of the little ones. Before you know it they have outgrown their tiny garments. Our clothing is made with their next use in mind, so they fit perfectly in a circular system. We strongly believe in this new way of dressing and hope to convince lots of parents to change their mindset as such,“ says Gray Label founder Emily Gray.

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June 22nd 2020 | PETIT BATEAU Petit Bateau x Serge Bloch capsule collection

The illustrator-poet has designed a Petit Bateau capsule collection inspired by the oceans for babies, kids and grownups.


From the very beginning, the encounter between the illustrator and the knitter was full of mischief. In 2013, to celebrate the brand’s 120th birthday, Petit Bateau asked Serge Bloch to illustrate a book of... silliness. This «catalogue of (very) cheeky nonsense» set the tone for the relationship: it’s all about fun, and lots of it! Because, as Serge Bloch says, «The world is not all that funny, so we might as well add some fantasy!»

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June 16th 2020 | TENUE DE SOLEIL Launch Tenue de Soleil | Sun Smart & Sustainable swimwear

On Saturday June 6th, National Skin Cancer Day, the new Sun Smart and Sustainable swimwear brand Tenue de Soleil launched. Unfortunately, skin cancer is a growing problem. In the past year alone, skin cancer has been diagnosed in nearly 73,000 people in the Netherlands. Excessive exposure to the sun at a young age has significant deleterious effects for later. Prevention is better than cure, according to dermatologist and skin cancer specialist Daniel Kadouch. With "Tenue de Soleil" he offers durable sun protection swimwear for children.

Kadouch holds a PhD as a dermatologist and specializes in the field of skin cancer. He also sees the increasing number of skin cancer cases in his daily dermatology practice. This made him decide that he wants to do more than contribute to treatment, but instead tackle the problem at the cause. As a father, he knows how important it is to protect children against this.

Tenue de Soleil has been developed with one goal in mind: to protect children's skin from harmful UV rays. The sun protection swimwear from Tenue de Soleil has a UPF50 + protection and thus offers the highest possible protection against the sun. The materials are a combination of high quality Italian fabric and plastic waste from the sea. By weaving the materials in a special way, this has an extra protective effect. Everything is produced in Europe.

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Scotch & Soda, the Amsterdam-based fashion brand, in solidarity with communities worldwide sends a message of universal love to the world, announcing dual campaigns that combat COVID-19 related hunger and the unjust incarceration of LGBTQ minorities. Together alongside The Hunger Project and the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, the brand announces two initiatives for the month of June in support of some of the most affected minority groups today.

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