ASOS Magazine July Issue: Interview with Elle Fanning

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With her debut as a Disney princess in Maleficent approaching, ASOS interviews teen star Elle Fanning as she showcases the best of cute and kitsch ASOS summer product in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Elle's relationship to fashion is an obvious one: her first front row show was Chanel couture and Marc Jacobs cast her in his ad campaign. With her debut in Maleficent, also starring Angelina Jolie, we thought it was time to welcome you to the extraordinary world of Elle Fanning.

On her relationship with Karl Lagerfeld:

“I’ve known him for a while…ever since he did a shoot with my sister when she was 12. He’s just so cool, such an interesting guy, with his fingerless gloves and his Diet Coke. The Chanel couture show was the first one I ever went to, so that was special to me. I remember sitting there with my mouth completely dropping.”

 On her style:

“I’m very girlie, so it used to be a lot of Peter Pan collars and poofy dresses, now I’m getting older, I feel like I can wear things a bit more structured and a bit more tomboy. I’m OK with wearing trousers now, but when I was 12, I was like ‘No, that’s for boys!’”

ASOS Magazine, July 2014, will be available online and in print on 28th of May. Download the digital edition of the ASOS Magazine as Elle dishes on high school, being star struck and puffy dresses. Along with the app go behind the scenes and get to know her style and beauty secrets on the ASOS YouTube channel!