ASOS Magazine November issue featuring Sarah Gadon

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She’s starred alongside Robert Pattinson (twice) and owned every red carpet she’s walked – now a Dracula reimagining is set to see actress Sarah Gadon graduate to full-on stardom…

On her leading men co-stars:

“I love what Rob (Pattinson) did in Cosmopolis…on the outside he’s all ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’, but he’s very smart….I get along really well with all my leading men. Jake Gyllenhaal is so talented – he’s always pushing you to make it better, and I love that. I felt that way working with Gugu Mbatha-Raw on Belle, as well. Every project I work on, I walk away with a lifelong friend, and that’s amazing because the industry can be so fickle.”

On her rising stardom:

“I know things have changed, but I don’t really feel like they have…Maybe I can throw my hat into the ring with bigger profile projects, but you do always feel like you’re struggling. People have this idea that an actor is very glamourous – red carpets, gift bags and cameras – there is some of that, but it’s very humbling because every time you finish a project, you put yourself out there into a vulnerable place.”

On the red carpet:

“It’s a whole other world, dressing for the red carpet…I have a hard time, creating this ‘super’ person to walk out on the red carpet, but I know it’s important. Fashion is an art, and when you meet designers you realise it’s not just about a dress, it’s about the person and their ideas.”

On working with designers:

“I met Roksanda Ilincic at a dinner and I totally fell in love with her, and Christian Louboutin is an amazing, incredible, hilarious guy. I really like the tomboy, flowery romance of Erdem and I love Fendi, and especially Armani. I landed in Cannes and didn’t have a dress because I had been shooting solidly for six weeks, so I was delirious. I went straight into the Armani store and they helped me pick a great dress to wear. After that I thought, it’s time to work with a stylist!”


ASOS Magazine, November 2014, out now and available online