ASOS Magazine October issue featuring coverstar Lily Collins

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Lead roles in big films, selfies with Karl Lagerfeld, weekends in Ibiza with her BFF…This is Lily Collins’ best year ever.

On taking on Love, Rosie:

Love Actually, Notting Hill, The Holiday – those sort of films are my favourites…it’s those awkward moments when you find yourself laughing. Films that don’t take themselves too seriously – I just fell in love with this one. It’s not like the portrayal of a teen mum you see in a reality TV shows, it’s not about a girl on a downward spiral, it’s about how she embraces what has happened and grows. She doesn’t become a victim.”

On girl power and her friend BANKS:

“I just saw her in Paris because we went to the Chanel couture show together. I caught her concert at an underground bar afterwards. She’s the sweetest, so nice and then she gets up on stage and she’s like a goddess of woman power – it’s really inspiring watching her.”

On Karl Lagerfeld and asking for a selfie:

“I went to say hello, and I wasn’t going to ask for a photo with him, but then he asked for one with me! I was dying! It was at the Chanel show in Dallas where we clicked…that show was unbelievable – I rode a mechanical bull in couture, which was amazing! He was funny and lovely and I got to spend quality time with him. After that, he asked if I would be the face of Barrie.”

On her style:

“I own very few designer pieces, I want to collect them over the years. I’m not the type of person who buys a whole collection when it comes out. I want to make sure it’s something I’m going to love for a while. I get lent things, so experiment with my style that way, but ultimately I spend most of my money on vintage and high street.”


ASOS Magazine, October 2014, out now and available online