ASOS Magazine September Issue: Interview with Morgan Saylor

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With some amazing prospects on her horizon as she leaves behind Homeland, ASOS interviews bright star Morgan Saylor as she showcases the best and most exciting of the new season. Download the digital edition of the ASOS Magazine and go behind the scenes and hear her chat on cartoons, rapping and her favourite emoji on the ASOS YouTube channel!

On what kind of actress she’d like to be:

“There are a lot of different ways to be a successful as an actor, but when directors would ask me…it felt so obvious – I just want to make good movies. I don’t want to make one big movie, or a huge trilogy that will dry me out. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Slow and steady wins the race, not that I want to win the race, but I do want to be slow and steady and work with interesting people. That’s important.”

On leaving Homeland:

“It feels a little weird…they’re filming in South Africa, so it’s a whole different thing to when I was in it, but it’s nice to play someone other than Dana. You play a character for three years and you kind of get stuck in the bones. If feels like Penny is so different from Dana, so it’s nice to throw myself at something else and know that I don’t have to do something else and know I don’t have to do Dana again in a month. It’s cool to have variety.”

On clothes and ASOS:

“I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes – I like vintage things…and the dress I’m wearing today is ASOS – I can get lost on the website for hours, you can go in looking for one thing and then suddenly you have a thousand tabs open…”

On getting dressed up:

“People talk about getting dressed up like it’s this awful thing, but I like it! If I have an event, I look at, and there are designers I’ve become friends with, so I might ask to borrow stuff from them…I work with Micaela Erlanger, who has blown up because she’s Lupita’s girl. She’s lovely and knows my taste. I like Novis and Band of Outsiders. I love Proenza and I love Wang.”


ASOS Magazine, September 2014, out now and available online.