Bugaboo launches Amsterdam Bee in the City movie

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Thursday June 20th, the Amsterdam Bugaboo Bee in the City movie was launched in SPRMRKT at the Rozengracht. The Bugaboo Bee is the ultimate city stoller for parents 'living life on the fly'. In the world's capitals such as New York, Tokyo, Barcelona and Berlin the brand picked out the ulitmate Bugaboo Bee parents that show how great their city is with kids. For Amsterdam Bugaboo chose Jarno Harbers, Sales Director at the Dutch fashion brand Avelon. He gives us a glimpse into his life with his newborn son Phoenix.

Jarno became a dad half a year ago and was determined to keep doing all the nice things he always did, only now with Phoenix. He combines his busy job at Avelon flawlessly with his new duty. Watch the video and see how easily he takes Phoenix with him, no matter where he goes!