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Looking at cultural expressions as diverse as Farsi poetry and elegant calligraphy, handcrafted textiles, historical Persian manuscripts that illustrate 15th century attire, contemporary public sculptures and ceramics, Wijnants sets out to create a personal interpretation of this multi-faceted aesthetic.

Florals designed in-house are printed on sheer silk dresses that are juxtaposed with brightly coloured ‘parachute’ silk trousers in green, pink and blue, or combined with printed shirts and boxy tanks and t-shirts. Carré scarves incorporated into garments evoke a sense of airy playfulness and allow for movement and uidity. Asymmetrical hemlines and irregular fabric folds give gar- ments a natural drape and a feel of unstudied femininity.

Wijnants adds structure through detail. Silver and gold lamé thread accents certain prints for a visual depth, wrinkled satin adds tactility, matelasséd organza creates thickness in fragility. Texture functions to elongate silhouettes via vertical ribbing in knitted tops and skirts, Ottoman stitches and as a ne plissé on silk skirts and dresses. Open worked, lace-detailed jumpers offer transparency, while l coupé knitwear underlines construction.

Offsetting these precious in uences, Wijnants incorporates more masculine silhouettes into this collection, too. Unraveled patchwork reoccurs in both a white and blue denim trouser and jacket combo with extra long sleeves, as well as in a white silk dress and structured jersey t-shirt.

Telling details, such as the jewellery designed in collaboration with Marion Vidal, abstracted 3D interpretations of re ned Iranian metalwork, as well as printed fabric clutches and embellished footwear bring thematic cohesion to this collection which unites Resort and SS18.