8 pieces

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With "8 Pieces" Claes Iversen pays his tribute to couture and this season he shows no standard collection. Claes chooses to develop 8 looks where you can see his love for craftsmanship and craft. The pieces are characterized by couture silhouettes with rich approach in material and workmanship .

Applied embroidery techniques have their origins in previously used materials and techniques that have been redeveloped. Classic materials such as crystals, beads and sequins are being combined with laser techniques designed floral and geometric designs. By adding hardware structural elements a reference is made. ​​

The love Claes has for craft is underlined by the setting of the presentation . Transported in wooden crates , meticulously packed and labeled "handle with care " instruction , the pieces are transported as if they were museum pieces , and then detected with stress , unpacked and cherished.