The || by Claes SS16 collection

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 Traditional design principles were the inspiration for new shapes and silhouettes. This is reflected in items such as a draped kimono with squared graphics. The designs look rather complicated in construction and contours. However, it’s often as simple as a square inserted in a shirt or a top with a circular waistline resulting in an un-even hemline. The fabric choices are all inspired by Japanese textures and textiles: jerseys with nature optics, multi-colored sweats and knits and silky textures.

There are roughly four themes in the collection. The Japanese koi appears in all-over prints, buttons and embroideries plexiglass. Bright colors, playful shapes and plastic elements represent the exuberant subculture of the Harajuku-girls. Throughout the collection, the cherry blossom has been scattered on the garments as sequins, prints, embroideries and applications. Kimono-inspired stripes, originally representing surging water, are translated in both jersey, knit and woven items resulting in a playful graphic effect throughout the collection.

The campaign was shot by Philippe Vogelenzang