The Conservatorium hotel presents the Expression of Art Award

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On the 12th of June the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, reached out their first Expression of Art Award to the Gideon Tazelaar trio. The first concert on the 21st of February was by Mateusz Pulawski, guitarist and composer of the jazz band the Lunar Quartet. The second concert on the 10th of April was by the Gideon Tazelaar trio, who are inspired by music of John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins. The final concert and day of the award ceremony was held on the 12th of June with the final performer being Tom Ridderbeekx, trumpeter who made his debut at the North Sea Jazz festival in 2011. The award consisted of a €5000 scholarship to be used by the winner to further their musical career.

For further information about the award please visit the website.