Dyson launches the Dyson Supersonicâ„¢ hairdryer



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Still looking for the perfect holiday gift? The Dyson Supersonic™ blowdryer is now available in a luxury silver or black giftbox. The Supersonic™ comes in fuchsia, but is now also available in purple. The lightweight and noiseless blowdryer helps protecting the natural shine of your hair and will make you look fantastic during the holidays.

Dyson tested this product on many different types of hair for more than four years. The Dyson Supersonic™ blowdryer uses a fast, controled air flow to make sure it will blow three times more air then a normal blowdryer. Hereby this product is eight times faster and half of the weight in contrast to other blowdryers.

For the holidays there are two exclusive giftboxes available with for a special XMAS price:

- The Dyson Supersonic™ in silver/fuchsia in a silver giftbox for €399,-

- The Dyson Supersonic™ in black/purple in a black giftbox for €399,-


Both products are available on