Christmas Dinner

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To celebrate the annual Esrpit Christmas Dinner, influencers from the fashion and lifestyle industry were invited to join us in an intimate dinner in a one-of-a-kind location.

The unique Mayer Manor in the heart of Amsterdam was turned into a magical dining room with candles and christmas decoration to enhance the delightful ambience.

The theme of the evening was friends & family and the joy of spending time together during the festive season. All those invited made the evening to be a raging succes, with a lot of laughter and conversations besides the company of good friends.

When the guests arrived, they where warmly welcomed in the authentic foyer with a refreshment. Thereafter was the four-course dinner, followed by a dice game with fun assignements. The grabbing machine by the front door – containing chocolate balls – made for some very fun moments and a lot of happy faces too.

Overall the Esprit Christmas Dinner 2018 was a joyful event and the guests loved to be part of it.