Gaïa Gaïa


Zoe Karssen & Quince Karssen launch GAÏA GAÏA.

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GAÏA GAÏA is a new laidback luxury brand.
Inspired by art, pop culture and women with a strong sense of independence. Crafted from the most superior fabrics with focus on perfected fits and a core product offering of t-shirts and sweats.

The brand aesthetic is casual and feminine but not without an air of masculintiy. These key elements are paramount to the brand DNA.The brand is both a reflection of freedom and true raw expression.

“Our love and passion of product and understanding the modern customer is key central in everything
we do. GAÏA GAÏA is a recognition of passion for product.” Zoe Karssen, Quince Karssen

"GAÏA GAÏA aims to change the perception of how people look at luxury casual-wear; based on offering exceptional, high quality, flawless product with a very distinct brand identity and brand experience for an accessible price.” Zoe Karssen, Quince Karssen

Gaïa Gaïa will not commit to a two-collections-a-year fashion calendar, instead dropping new goods when they're ready. Stay tuned for the line’s official release date in March,
set to be announced in the coming weeks.