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On the 8th of March, NINAMOUNAH presented her collection 004 during AFW Studio in Amsterdam. Collection 004 Evolve Around Me 
looks at dominance and submission through the lens of evolution. 

Humans are the only animals riding other animals. Humans like to see themselves dominating the animal kingdom, whip in hand. With a strong stallion in between our legs we ride into the sunset dressed in the skins of other species. 

Treating fashion as an organism that constantly adjusts itself to different environments, such as seasonal changes and natural selection, iconic garments are clashed and melted together to create new shapes; pinstripe suits reference leather motor two-pieces and shirting comes in the shape of a high-cut bodysuits. Sharp tailoring is merged with historical corsetry, two disciplines meant to distort the human shape. Cowgirl silhouettes are moulded into sensual garments using flowing materials that embrace the body. Red, the most aggressive colour on the spectrum, is contrasted with soft beiges and cream.