Fashion for everyone: Heidi Klum for Lidl

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Heidi Klum and Lidl
It's not a secret that Heidi Klum loves fashion, and is a designer and fashion icon herself. What you may not know, is that Heidi supports Lidl in their introduction to the fashion industry, and continues to do so in the future! Heidi designed her own collection for Lidl. At the end of the year, Lidl customers can look forward to an exclusive lauch of the collection.

"I hope customers like my collection for Lidl. I had a lot of fun designing. Just like Lidl, I value top quality products, with a low price. Fashion has to be fun and everyone should be able to afford having fun!" - Heidi Klum explained when announcing the collaboration.

"Lidl Fashion Week"
The fashion brand received a permanent dynamic during Lidl Fashion Week: a long term campaign where Lidl announced its worldwide fashion collection. Lidl Fashion Week takes place several times a year: internationally, in all Lidl stores, and online. During this week, Lidl presents its collection exclusively. Heidi Klum is the inspiration for this.

"Heidi is an amazing inspiration for us. She knows everyone in the fashion capitals, has a great energy, but is still down to earth. She suits Lidl and our customers perfectly!" says Christine Braun, spokesperson for Lidl The Netherlands. "We are excited to present our collection during Lidl Fashion Week!"

Lidl The Netherlands
Lidl is one of the biggest supermarket chains in The Netherlands with over 400 stores. With the slogan: 'The best quality for the lowest price', Lidl offers a wide range of food and non-food products. 


Photo's by RVDA