GAME ON: Women's football in the Netherlands

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Nike unveiled "GAME ON". A documentary photo series that inspires the contemporary women's football in the Netherlands to kick off the European Championship. Photographer Jane Stockdale followed the women's football closely for a week to get a picture of the sport before the tournament started. The photo series follows an 11-year fanatic, CTO live, determined amateurs and the national team - plus their fans of course - giving a broad overview of an increasingly popular sport.

The EK women's football started and the European Championship will take place in the Netherlands for the first time. Women's football is the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands. The KNVB now has more than 150.000 female members and that share continues to grow faster than the organization. All three matches of the Dutch team this summer tournament have already been sold, which means a record number of spectators for the Orange Leeuwinnen.