Nxt Museum

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Nxt Museum, the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to New Media Art, will open to visitors on Saturday 29 August. Driven by the idea that the future is one of the most fascinating concepts for the human mind, Nxt Museum will fuse art and technology to seek, show and question ​what is next.

Nxt Museum will exhibit and commission ambitious, large-scale new media art installations born of interdisciplinary collaboration between leading and emerging artists, designers, technologists and scientists. Through immersive, multi-sensory exhibitions that shed new light on the world, visitors will be invited to engage and interact physically, conceptually and emotionally with the art.

The inaugural exhibition, ​Shifting Proximities​, will explore human experience and interaction in the face of technological and social change.



Asterweg 22, Amsterdam-Noord, August 29th 2020 | Nxt Museum Nxt Museum, the first new media art museum in the Netherlands, opens its doors

From today, visitors can immerse themselves in the futuristic world of Nxt Museum. The groundbreaking museum - which is the first in the Netherlands dedicated to New Media Art - opens its doors to the public with the inaugural exhibition ‘Shifting Proximities’.


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