Petit Bateau 'Kids Window Take Over'

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On August 12th, Petit Bateau organized a "Kids Window Take Over" to celebrate the summer and mark the start of a new school year. The windows of the Petit Bateau store on the Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam formed the canvas for a tailor-made art workshop for children aged four to ten. Under the guidance of The Kidspiration Club, the kids could express their creativity and learn about the tropical wonders of the world and themselves under the theme 'Tropicool'.

Petit Bateau's love and appreciation for nature came to the fore this summer afternoon. Based on the question, who am I and what do I look like in a tropical world, the children explored the tropics and learned about her animal kingdom. For the first time, the windows of the Petit Bateau store were transformed into painting canvas, resulting in a beautiful work of self-portraits and the wonderful flora and fauna of the world, all through the eyes of the new generation.