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The first Stradivarius Man collection has been created for young men, who like fashion and are looking for ways to use it to express their personality and style, without sacrificing comfort. Divided into three blocks, it offers clothes for any time of day and any activity. Smart includes the most cosmopolitan part of the collection, providing simple clothes with fine lines and sober colours. Casual looks, dominated by natural fibres and neutral colours, are included in Cotton, while the Denim line, a historical reference for Stradivarius, includes innovative denim fabrics and patterns.

George Alsford, the British model providing the image for the launch, is the first to represent Stradivarius Man's values and philosophy. "I define myself a gentleman with a rascal edge," he said in the online video presentation of the line.

To celebrate the launch, Stradivarius will give a 20% discount to subscribers of the Stradivarius Man newsletter between 1 and 5 February.

Stradivarius around the world
Stradivarius is a new Inditex Group brand shaped every day by its love of fashion, style and originality. The latest trends, strongly influenced by denim garments and romantic styles, can be found in its stores, which are wonderful places for a unique shopping experience. Stradivarius can be found in 64 countries and has a thousand stores around the world. In 2011, it launched its first online store, now serving more than 31 countries.