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Entrepreneur Casper Reinders (Haarlem The Netherlands, 1970) is one of the most inspiring hospitality men of Amsterdam. At a very young age his career started with cafe Fortuyn in Haarlem and soon the first hip, design-noodle bar NOA, and Asian oriented Moko followed. In 2003 the ambitious hospitality entrepreneur opened iconic club Jimmy Woo, a non indispensable concept in the Dutch capital. In 2009, Casper put a new concept on the map: brasserie BoCinq. A French-Arabic fusion restaurant where you can lounge besides dining. One year later Reinders opened restaurant and bar Lion Noir in the Reguliersdwarsstraat with a city garden and refined French cuisine. The restaurant won the Venuez Best Interior Design Award in 2011. In the same street as Lion Noir, hotspot/lounge- and nightclub Ludwig opened in 2011. In April 2012 Reinders won the Venuez Hospitality & Style Award 2011 for Leading Hospitality Man of the Year. In December 2012, the Mexican Restaurant Rose's Cantina (re)opened in the Reguliersdwarsstraat.


TAO Group - Casper Reinders by Jasper Faber
TAO Group - Jimmy Woo
TAO Group - Bo Cinq
TAO Group - Lion Noir by Jim Ellam
TAO Group - Rose's Cantina


AMSTERDAM, October 24th 2014 | TAO Group Casper Reinders interviewed by LXRYTV

Casper Reinders talks with Irene van de Laar about his TAO Group venues, about being an entrepreneur and about his passion. They also visit Lion Noir, Chow and Nacional.

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AMSTERDAM, July 16th 2014 | TAO Group Opening Brasserie Nacional

Together with partners Dobson and Uzcudun, Casper Reinders has set up a French brasserie named Nacional on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. The menu contains a mix of the most famous classics of French cuisine with a modern New York twist including streak tartare frites and the Nacional hamburger

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Amsterdam, December 9th 2013 | TAO Group Jimmy Woo on the cover of PS

Text by Marijke Vos & Louis Bollee.

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Amsterdam, December 9th 2013 | TAO Group 10 Dutch rappers honor Jimmy Woo with JIMMEY track

On Friday December 6th, iconic club Jimmy Woo celebrated its 10th anniversary. Many old and new friends visited the party-of-the-year and the club was honored by 10 rappers with a brand new track; JIMMEY.


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Amsterdam, December 4th 2013 | TAO Group Are you ready? Jimmy turns 10...

Are you ready? Iconic club Jimmy Woo, home to many creative, artistic, brave, musically gifted and beautiful people turns 10 coming Friday.

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Amsterdam, November 27th 2013 | TAO Group Happy 4th anniversary Bo Cinq!

On Wednesday November 27th, restaurant Bo Cinq celebrated its 4th anniversary with a small group of friends & family. 

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Amsterdam, October 7th 2013 | TAO Group Now open; Bo Cinq

After being closed for a couple of months, restaurant Bo Cinq is open again!

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Amsterdam, August 23rd 2013 | TAO Group Casper Reinders in today's Telegraaf

Casper Reinders is featured in Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, where he talks about his several establishments, tips and tricks and rules and regulations.

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Amsterdam, April 15th 2013 | TAO Group Casper Reinders' Amsterdam apartment in AD Spain

Casper Reinders is well-known for his numerous restaurants, bars and clubs throughout Amsterdam which he decorates personally. Not only his establishments are being styled by the man himself, but also his house is a true work of art.

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Amsterdam, December 21st 2012 | TAO Group Rose's Cantina re-opened

Well-known Mexican restaurant Rose's Cantine re-opened its doors in December 2012. Rose’s Cantina has been the leading legend of Amsterdam for her Mexican cuisine and cocktails since the opening in 1982.

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