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The limited edition is set in stores now and is available in different monochrome designs, that fit into the beverage collection of every style addict perfectly with the vibrant patterns.

In the campaign there are four influential women that represent the fashion image of both Grazia and Tia Maria. Model and DJ Zara Martin represents the world of music, while Danielle Peazer, with its trendsetting blog Idle Lane represents the fashion bloggers. Event Planner and singer Krystal Roxx is hot in the world of party planning, while cocktail mixer Jennie Rae Chuter knows all the ins and outs of the urban cocktail scene.

Paolo Dalla Mora, global communications director of ILLVA SARONNO, believes that "Tia Maria and Grazia share many values ​​and are therefore a perfect partner for our first joint project with a limited edition. We both talk to women who have a passion for fashion, who enjoy a classy night out and are trendsetters, not followers. We raise a glass of Tia Maria on Grazia and toast to many more successful years. "

Annelies Piper, Chief Editor Grazia NL, adds: "Grazia is celebrating the upcoming holiday season with Tia Maria, a match made in heaven cocktail. With the limited edition gift packaging and the endless cocktail variations you can make with the famous liquor, you're the life of every party! Therefore we are very proud of this unique collaboration '

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