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"I’ve always been impressed by the strong culture that exists within particular tribes. Thinking of ethnic groups, what strikes me most is the strength of the collective. I often think; where do I stand in this world that constantly changes, where you are confronted with new possibilities and choices daily? We hardly know what to do any more; a world with so many possibilities doesn’t necessarily make us stronger. For this reason I want to be inspired by what is still present in the world. Our worlds, our ways of life stand so far apart. I therefore wish to combine both worlds in my designs and capture the beauty and simplicity of life, which will be symbolized in my collections. I hope that the Stieglitz tribe will represent, and make one realize, that the power of the tribes is still within us", says Pien, founder and designer of Stieglitz.

In every collection of Stieglitz, a new tribe is central. Stieglitz combines worlds in a unique way and while designing the collections, its all about the beauty and simplicity of these worlds.


AMSTERDAM, March 1st 2017 | STIEGLITZ Stieglitz x Denham Launch

The Amsterdam based designer Pien Stieglitz collaborated with Denham. In this collection she applied her famous Gypset new bohemian technique in denim for the Stieglitz x Denham collection. She shows a modern Interpretation of scar-stitching, embroidered graphics and complex (baskets inspired) Braid Techniques. 


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AMSTERDAM, February 3rd 2016 | STIEGLITZ ROMA | Spring-Summer 2016

Just like previous collections, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of Pien Stieglitz is based on a tribe that caught her attention. This time Pien was inspired by the Roma people from Romania, where the feelings of strength and pride made a big impression on her.

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AMSTERDAM, September 18th 2015 | STIEGLITZ First Boutique

Stieglitz has opened their first, temporary, boutique in the centre of Amsterdam. 

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AMSTERDAM, February 4th 2015 | STIEGLITZ Publication LINDA

Stieglitz publication in LINDA Magazine.

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AMSTERDAM, February 1st 2015 | STIEGLITZ Publication ELLE Magazine

Stieglitz publication in ELLE Magazine.

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AMSTERDAM, October 18th 2014 | STIEGLITZ Proud to present: Stieglitz!

We're proud to present Stieglitz! Read all about this beautiful new brand and their story here.

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