Launch Tenue de Soleil | Sun Smart & Sustainable swimwear

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On Saturday June 6th, National Skin Cancer Day, the new Sun Smart and Sustainable swimwear brand Tenue de Soleil launched. Unfortunately, skin cancer is a growing problem. In the past year alone, skin cancer has been diagnosed in nearly 73,000 people in the Netherlands. Excessive exposure to the sun at a young age has significant deleterious effects for later. Prevention is better than cure, according to dermatologist and skin cancer specialist Daniel Kadouch. With "Tenue de Soleil" he offers durable sun protection swimwear for children.

Kadouch holds a PhD as a dermatologist and specializes in the field of skin cancer. He also sees the increasing number of skin cancer cases in his daily dermatology practice. This made him decide that he wants to do more than contribute to treatment, but instead tackle the problem at the cause. As a father, he knows how important it is to protect children against this.

Tenue de Soleil has been developed with one goal in mind: to protect children's skin from harmful UV rays. The sun protection swimwear from Tenue de Soleil has a UPF50 + protection and thus offers the highest possible protection against the sun. The materials are a combination of high quality Italian fabric and plastic waste from the sea. By weaving the materials in a special way, this has an extra protective effect. Everything is produced in Europe.