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Although today it seems like the label has been around forever, ZENGGI was founded by Marian Wigger in 2006. At a young age, Marian started filling empty pages with sketches of designs, inspired by fashion magazines. Not surprisingly, she attended the Art Academy in Arnhem, where her love for fashion was further developed and she was living her dream. After finishing the academy, Marian worked for a variety of Dutch labels. She went on to found and become co-owner of Turnover. A well-known women’s brand, even awarded with a Grand Signeur, one of the most prestigious fashion awards in the Netherlands.

What Women Wear

Marian took some ‘gap years’ after Turnover. This time off inspired her to launch ZENGGI. Her personal philosophy is to do what you are good at, and enjoy! When you love creating new things, developing new concepts and doing so with a team of ambitious people, why not continue to do so with a new women’s label?

When it comes to the ZENGGI designs, Marian’s main inspiration is day-to-day life. ZENGGI items are style made easy. Marian is fond of well thought-out, high-quality, classics. Other words to describe her style are feminine, casual, elegant, timeless and comfortable. Collections are characterized by a mix of soft shapes and powerful pieces. All designs have a sense of uniqueness, as Marian makes sure to add a personal touch to every item.