February 18th 2021 | Tweek Eek New at SPICE: Tweek Eek

In 2019 the company was founded by the Eek twins; Roos & Geertje Eek. With their different backgrounds, Roos is mainly a metalworker and Geertje a product designer, they concluded that their expertise and qualities perfectly fit together. By combining their forces, the twins create jewellery that is mainly made from recycled materials as Copper, Brass and Stainless steel.

With their different machines that are not compatible for creating jewellery they produce collections that have a rough and robust appearance which differentiates them from other jewellery crea- tors. All Tweek-Eek items are designed in their studio in Eindho- ven and created in the Netherlands. 

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January 21st 2021 | 42|54 New at Spice: 42|54

42 | 54 is a Belgium-based high-end and environmentally conscious activewear brand founded by Olympic medalists Olivia Borlée and Elodie Ouedraogo. The brand produces technical and fashionable garments. Whether you're going for a run or getting a coffee, 42 | 54 is the brand for both, as it closes the gap between function and fashion.

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January 21st 2021 | MUD Jeans New at Spice: MUD Jeans

New at Spice is the circular jeans brand MUD Jeans, which introduced the Lease A Jeans concept eight years ago.

What if we all clean up our mess? Imagine: you buy or lease a pair of jeans and after a while you are tired of it. Normally those jeans might disappear somewhere in the back of a closet, at MUD Jeans you can exchange them for a new one. Old trousers are recycled into new ones or are first sold as a vintage item. When a pair of pants is processed into a new item, only the zippers and rivets are removed, with the nice extra that this makes the jeans 100% vegan friendly.

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January 21st 2021 | Holdit New at SPICE: Holdit

New to SPICE is Holdit from Sweden; products that make modern life with a mobile phone more fun. Holdit's premium quality products strike a balance between function and price and feature a sleek design.

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January 14th 2021 | YOUNG STEDELIJK New at Spice: Young Stedelijk

At the beginning of 2014, the Stedelijk Museum launched Young Stedelijk (YS), an initiative that offers a new generation of culture lovers (20-40) the opportunity to connect with the Stedelijk. Young Stedelijk members get
a look behind the scenes of the Stedelijk Museum and engage with about three hundred young (20 to 40 years old) professionals with an interest in art. During a series of events, including (artist) talks, private views and vis- iting art fairs, galleries, auction houses and studios, YS members will learn more about modern and contemporary art and design. Young Stedelijk is directed by Fleur Schoonhoven of the Stedelijk Museum and a group of YS ambassadors, who are elected annually and support the initiative. The ambassadors actively involved in the programming of YS events.

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January 14th 2021 | SEE ALL THIS New at Spice: See All This

See All This is a Dutch art magazine, published quarterly in print, with an online platform.
It is an enthusiastic and compelling guide to the most striking art in the Netherlands and beyond.
With special interviews and adventurous background stories about art, photography, fashion, nature and travel.
See All This is supported by more than 40 museums and galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The jubileum issue of See All This, published in December 2020, is a dazzling voyage of discovery of women artists. Consider it a book, a magazine and a paper museum rolled into one. With 300 pages and seven exhibition rooms to get lost in, all paying homage to hundreds of artists of the past century and from all over the globe. 

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January 14th 2021 | ILJA New at Spice: ILJA

Designer Ilja Visser is back with a vengeance! On 20 January 2021 she launches Suits & Softs by ILJA, a new collection that is both casual and effortlessly chic, created in part from other designers’ leftover fabrics.

Ilja Visser first achieved international success with couture label ILJA and ready-to-wear line Ready to Fish. She now combines the two in her new collection, which offers a solution for the dynamic life of the modern woman. Those who are pursuing a career, but refuse to imprison themselves in stiff, uncomfortable and masculine suits. For women who lead a full personal life and are sometimes mothers as well, this comfy yet chic collection offers a look for every moment of the day.

As Ilja explains, “For a long time I’ve been looking myself for the right balance between work and private life. Like a lot of women, I was keen to do it all right – work, family, love, girlfriends, sport, everything… The last thing you want is to agonise every morning about your outfit. With this collection, I want to empower women and offer them the comfort of a look that is always appropriate.”


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November 20th 2020 | YUMI BABY New at Spice: Yumi Baby

Yumi Baby, founded in 2017, is pronounced YUW-Miy, which sounds like 'you and me'. It refers to the two sisters who founded the baby brand, but also to parent and child. Inspiration for the handmade prints comes from the sisters' grandmother, whose paintings regularly influence the collections. Yumi Baby converts a passion for serene prints into stylish, environmentally friendly baby clothes, accessories, and interior pieces. The production of which takes place as much as possible at social workplaces in the Netherlands.

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November 19th 2020 | BAINDOUX New at Spice: Baindoux

Baindoux believes in unity with yourself, confidence in your own definition of style, class and elegance. To find the perfect combination of comfort and quality, the cotton that is used origins from the delta of the River Nile: Giza cotton, that is hand-picked to preserve the fibers’ integrity.

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October 20th 2020 | Allbirds Introducing Allbirds Apparel with Purpose: A nature-evolved collection of form and function

The future of fashion is one that feels better, on you and on the planet. And in 2020, it’s become more clear than ever that the most modern way of life is to live one closer to nature.

From the start, we knew that our vision of evolved environmentalism was broader than just shoes. And as the chasm between disposable fast fashion and utilitarian basics has grown, the fashion industry has clung to the same outdated methods that continue to drive excessive carbon emissions, soil depletion, and synthetic waste.

So we asked ourselves, why couldn’t we give people clothes they’ll love and simply make them better?

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