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42 | 54 is a Belgium-based high-end and environmentally conscious activewear brand founded by Olympic medalists Olivia Borlée and Elodie Ouedraogo. The brand produces technical and fashionable garments. Whether you're going for a run or getting a coffee, 42 | 54 is the brand for both, as it closes the gap between function and fashion.

42 | 54, is a reference to Olivia and Elodie's winning times at the 2008 Olympic Games. Their exceptional achievements and the years it took to achieve this give them the knowledge to create the best designs . With a cool design and advanced techniques, taking sustainability into account, 42 | 54's goal is to bring a little fun back to the sports world.

The clothing is made in a fair and safe environment. In factories that provide a workplace free of forced and child labor. 42 | 54 prides itself on using 100% sustainable, carefully selected fabrics. That's why they produce clothes made from recycled, renewable and biodegradable fabrics.