Allbirds says ‘hallo’ with its first Dutch store in Amsterdam

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Besides discovering Allbirds’s classical collection, Amsterdammers will be able to get their hands on a special-edition shoe only available in the Netherlands: Dutch Canvas. Allbirds has also designed three exclusive shoelaces, which reference well-known Amsterdam icons. Local laces will come in bright pink, inspired by the flowers at Keukenhof; soft caramel, a nod to stroopwafels; and dark blue, hinting at Amsterdam’s famous canal houses.  

Allbirds’s products are designed with the “right amount of nothing” and its stores mirror this pared-back aesthetic. Customers can expect to see a sleek, uncluttered and unisex space, with the 70m2 store used as a storytelling and education platform to communicate Allbirds’s mission to tread lighter on the planet. Customers are invited to learn about the natural materials used in Allbirds products and discover their provenance and unique properties. 

As a Public Benefit Corporation and a certified B Corp, Allbirds view sustainability as a non-negotiable which is not only reflected in the brand’s products but throughout its stores, too. Shoeboxes use 40% fewer materials than traditional packaging and are made from 90% recycled cardboard, while digital receipts save on paper and shopping bags are derived from recycled paper. Other eco touches include 100% green energy power, LED lighting throughout and no VOC contained in the flooring material. 

The brand new store will also feature the Dasher, Allbirds’s first performance shoe, designed to challenge the fossil fuel-dependent athletic footwear industry. The majority of running shoes are made from oil-based synthetics, whereas the Dasher is crafted from Allbirds’s suite of hero materials, FSC-certified eucalyptus fibre, ZQ-certified Merino wool and sugarcane. The Dasher is the first product to display Allbirds’s latest carbon footprint label, a pioneering initiative designed to make customers aware of how much carbon dioxide Allbirds’s products emit in a lifetime. The brand hopes that other businesses will follow in their footsteps and that carbon footprint labels will one day be just as ubiquitous as nutrition labels on food packaging. 

To celebrate Allbirds’s arrival in Amsterdam, locals can expect to see beautiful plant stands popping up across the city on July 10th and July 11th. Filled with air-purifying plants, courtesy of the experts at Wildernis, Amsterdammers are welcome to help themselves to a green gift. Allbirds is on a mission to minimise its carbon footprint and the plants are an invitation for locals to embark on their own carbon reduction journey. The plants also carry a hidden map with city tips from four local tastemakers. The secret spots include urban oases and local businesses, who like Allbirds, believe in making better things in a better way.