New at Spice: Baindoux

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Baindoux believes in unity with yourself, confidence in your own definition of style, class and elegance. To find the perfect combination of comfort and quality, the cotton that is used origins from the delta of the River Nile: Giza cotton, that is hand-picked to preserve the fibers’ integrity. Giza cotton is known for its ultimate softness and breathability. Baindoux meticulously manufactures the garments using 100% of this all-natural pre-washed material, while ensuring that the look, the fit and the colors are preserved. This ensures the perfect combination of comfort and quality, which is a must for Baindoux. In colors and comfort, the brand is reminiscent of the sixties, the era of searching for individuality. The goal is creating fashion with an individual look and a surprise-element found in unexpected small touches and details.