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SPICE Q&A PR - Sophie Warmenhoven (Product & Brand Manager)

Why do you like working in PR / Branding? 

I’ve been working with Daniëlle Cathari for almost 3 years, where I manage the product process from start to finish, including the PR and Branding of the brand. It's really nice to be involved in the later stages of bringing a collection to market. This way I can give my ideas and opinions on all fronts, which makes my work very fun and dynamic.

What advice would you give someone who is at the start of his/her career in PR / Branding?

Try to get as much experience as possible! I have done many different internships and jobs before and during my studies. I learned a lot by watching others. You can also gain experience by attending (PR) events, where you can meet many people and experience how the PR world works.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from working in this industry?

Always make sure that you have fun and get energy out of your work. Of course, not everything can be fun all the time, but I have learned that I can achieve much more and be successful if I do things that I like! And if you do get into a situation where you no longer enjoy your work, you are always able to change this yourself.

What is the biggest change within PR & Branding since COVID-19?

The biggest change for PR & Branding of the brand is that we cannot attend events, especially the international fashion weeks. This is the time for us to meet new people, get inspired, but also to meet our (wholesale) partners and friends in the fashion industry from all over the world. We have also had to cancel or put on-hold a number of events and collaborations due to the covid measures. Very frustrating of course, because we really want to share! Hopefully this will work out soon!

What role does social media play in your strategy?

Social media plays a big role in our strategy. Instagram is the place where the brand has the most reach and we therefore use it a lot. We also keep thinking about what the next step in the development of social media could be. It is interesting to keep track of all the developments and how we can respond to them.

Do you work with influencers? Why do you, or why don't you?

Yes we do! There are many different ways to work with influencers. We like to work with people who fit the DNA of the brand. These can be influencers who are active on social media, but also photographers, artists or performers who don't necessarily have a lot of reach on social media but whom we admire. This does not necessarily mean that their style exactly matches that of the brand. We like to see how someone uses our products in his or her own way.



Daniëlle Cathari is an Amsterdam based designer. Cathari’s work plays upon the concept of ‘complementing contrasts’ explored through her designs and creative vision. Her work is founded from the attention to repurpose and deconstruct classic styles that are marking a new subversiveness for both women’s- and menswear.

Her talent was spotlighted on the VFiles runway show during NYFW 2017 as the first student to be awarded the VFiles prize. Into her second year at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute she participated in the Honours Programme which ultimately resulted in her designing the renown deconstructed vintage adidas tracksuits initially sourced from vintage stores. During this time she caught the eye of adidas Originals which shortly resulted in a first collaborative partnership for SS18 – adidas Originals by Daniëlle Cathari. Debuted as a highly anticipated collaboration presented at New York Fashion Week.



The RSF / Daniëlle Cathari capsule collection features two sunglass silhouettes in four different color-ways, characterized by an experimental approach to construction that translates Cathari’s sharp aesthetics into unique eyewear models. To complete the capsule, RSF and Daniëlle Cathari have also developed an exclusive set of hoodie and sweat-shorts in matching mint green and rust color-ways and RSF branding.

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On March 6, Daniëlle Cathari introduced her new collection during the AFW Studio edition in art space Het HEM with a special presentation - now in her own country and in her own city.

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