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January 14th 2021 | ILJA New at Spice: ILJA

Designer Ilja Visser is back with a vengeance! On 20 January 2021 she launches Suits & Softs by ILJA, a new collection that is both casual and effortlessly chic, created in part from other designers’ leftover fabrics.

Ilja Visser first achieved international success with couture label ILJA and ready-to-wear line Ready to Fish. She now combines the two in her new collection, which offers a solution for the dynamic life of the modern woman. Those who are pursuing a career, but refuse to imprison themselves in stiff, uncomfortable and masculine suits. For women who lead a full personal life and are sometimes mothers as well, this comfy yet chic collection offers a look for every moment of the day.

As Ilja explains, “For a long time I’ve been looking myself for the right balance between work and private life. Like a lot of women, I was keen to do it all right – work, family, love, girlfriends, sport, everything… The last thing you want is to agonise every morning about your outfit. With this collection, I want to empower women and offer them the comfort of a look that is always appropriate.”


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