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Kat Klerks is known for her modernist art with geometric shapes. The exceptional works of the artist stem from her fashion background. This way she knows how to translate the mood of a period into her artworks, without losing sight of the classical values. This makes her artworks both timeless and current.


AMSTERDAM, November 28th 2019 | KAT KLERKS Kat Klerks opens new exhibition in Amsterdam

Artist Kat Klerks opened her new exhibition in Amsterdam on the 28th of November. The autodidactic artist, known for her contemporary modernist art with geometric shapes, showed her new work. Klerks' also made a screen print for this exhibition, which will be available during the exhibition in an edition of 100 numbered and signed copies. Kat Klerks is represented by the Amelie Maison d'Art gallery in Paris, where she will exhibit her work in March 2020. Her work will be shown in Antwerp after this in May.


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