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SPICE Q&A PR - Nadia Maria Laursen (PR Manager)

Why do you like working in PR / Branding? 

I love the mix between strategic work and the more dynamic work where you get to work with a lot of different and inspiring people. I enjoy being a part of the branding journey at Modström and to show the brand identity and our brand values ​​to the customers and the market. The dialogue with the end consumer is also something I enjoy.

What advice would you give someone who is at the start of his/her career in PR / Branding?

It is satisfying to be creative every day and always stay updated on how to maintain the brand’s strong identity and position in the market and help it grow. The immediate feedback on SoMe direct from customers and followers are always instructive and important for me. 

What is the most important lesson you have learned from working in this industry?

Stay curious, open minded and up to date about the developments in the industry. It is important to be able to see different perspectives in order to navigate in this business.

What is the biggest change within PR & Branding since COVID-19?

That you only have your digital platforms to work with and how we have had to navigate this new world.

What role does social media play in your strategy?

It is a big part of our strategy. It is here we can show our brand story and visual identity and have a direct communication with our customers and get feedback immediately.

Do you work with influencers? Why do you, or why don't you?

Yes, we do! Influencers are a great way to extend our brand profile. They can generate a brand awareness and help expose our vision to the market. It is important for us when we work with influencers that they are authentic.


About Modström

Modström was founded in 2004, and the colourful and feminine design soon won over a lot of hearts, opening up the opportunity to develop Modström into a complete brand concept. A development headed by CEO and owner Helle Wagner along with Head of Design Anne Nøhr.

The hardworking duo brings a hands-on female perspective to the fashion industry. Focussing on creating a meaningful business model throughout the supply chain all the way to the girl in the street, The unique partnership has for more than a decade agreed to disagree and get the work done together.

Their overall mission is not to aim Modströms design at an exclusive crowd but instead create a beautiful and easy-to-wear wardrobe relevant to many woman.