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'Women in Art' - International Women's Day Q&A

Nicole Ex - Editor in Chief - See All This

  1. Why is it crucial that women should be more visible in the art world?

Women share the unique experience of navigating through life as a woman. Not including these narratives within the very male-dominated art world leaves us with a lot of blind spots. More visibility for women artists will only fortify what already exists; there are so many stories still to be told.

  1. How would you pay attention to this within your company?

Two out of our twenty issues have been dedicated solely to female artists; the first in 2018 and more recently our five-year anniversary issue which included 379 artists from 76 different nationalities. Our online presence often features women artists, be it in our bi-weekly newsletters or on our second Instagram account @prettybrilliantclub dedicated specifically to women in the arts.

  1. What advice would you give the new generation of women starting in art?

Back yourself! You’re probably going to come across a lot of criticism or indifference throughout your career but keep believing that what you have to say is worth hearing. And make sure you have a good portrait of yourself and reproductions of your works in high quality!

  1. What is the biggest development or change that you've seen when it comes to female empowerment in the art world?

The real change began when women began to support other women. Women working in collaboration and pushing to elevate one another is what has gotten the ball rolling for women in recent years.

  1. Which woman in your life inspires you the most? And why?

No one does it quite like Georgia O’Keeffe. To be brave enough to live alone in the barren American desert, painting beautiful paintings and dressing amazingly while doing it!

  1. Which woman in your work environment do you admire?

Catherine de Zegher. She curated our recent anniversary issue for which we gained a lot of attention also by the press and I admire her endless far-reaching knowledge about the practise of women artists, and her optimism and drive. She’s been making space for women in the arts for more than thirty years!



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January 14th 2021 | SEE ALL THIS New at Spice: See All This

See All This is a Dutch art magazine, published quarterly in print, with an online platform.
It is an enthusiastic and compelling guide to the most striking art in the Netherlands and beyond.
With special interviews and adventurous background stories about art, photography, fashion, nature and travel.
See All This is supported by more than 40 museums and galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The jubileum issue of See All This, published in December 2020, is a dazzling voyage of discovery of women artists. Consider it a book, a magazine and a paper museum rolled into one. With 300 pages and seven exhibition rooms to get lost in, all paying homage to hundreds of artists of the past century and from all over the globe. 

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