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The VEJA project creates a positive chain. Sneakers that are made differently. Using organic, agroecological and fairtrade cotton to make the sneakers canvas. Wild rubber from the Amazonian Forest for its soles. Recycled plastic bottles to create a innovative mesh. VEJA is about minimalism and innovation. Made in Brazil. Transparency is the future.


June 30th 2020 | VEJA VEJA OPENS VEJA x DARWIN: The concept store of the future

This week VEJA opened a new concept store: VEJA x DARWIN. Here VEJA sneakers are repaired, cleaned and recycled to give them a new life. The concept store consists of different departments;

# 1 The shoemaker repairs and cleans your sneakers like new
# 2 The recycling point - where old sneakers are handed in so that here new VEJA sneakers can be made
# 3 The store - where previously unreleased VEJA sneakers, old VEJA collections and sneakers with minimal flaws for low prices.


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