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'Women in Art' - International Women's Day Q&A

Fleur Schoonhoven - Relationship Manager Memberships - Young Stedelijk

  1. Why is it crucial that women should be more visible in the art world?

It is essential that women become more visible because art is a reflection on and a reflection of today's society. It shows the viewer the world from another perspective (namely that of another person). This is often an enrichment and expansion for the viewer. Artists also capture the contemporary spirit of the times for future generations. This depiction is incomplete if the worldview of men, or any other group, is overrepresented. The more polyphonic the art world, the more enriching will be it's role.

  1. How would you pay attention to this within your company?

It is crucial that we achieve a better balance between male and female makers in the collection. For the historical collection, which runs from around 1860, this is not so easy to realize. Luckily, there are more opportunities in the field of modern and contemporary art. We make a deliberate and continuing effort here. The museum now has two funds specifically for the acquisition of art from female makers. In the past years new works have been acquired from e.g. Raquel van Haver, Jacqueline de Jong, Anna Uddenberg, Patricia Kaersenhout, Etel Adnan, Farida Sedoc, Ghita Skali, Jennifer Tee, Yulia Tsvetkova and Anna Tereshkina, but we are aware of the fact that this is still a drop on a hot plate, given that we are talking about a collection of 100,000 works in total.

  1. What advice would you give the new generation of women starting in art?

Be visible, speak up, know your worth, show your authentic self and don't take no for an answer.

  1. What is the biggest development or change that you've seen when it comes to female empowerment in the art world?

We are not there yet, but I see more and more women claiming their position and getting recognition for their talent.

  1. Which woman in your life inspires you the most? And why?

There are so many women that inspire me, all in their own unique ways. It can be their vulnerability ánd their fierceness. Their softness ánd their strength. Their strong intuition and emotional intelligence ánd their highly developed intellect. And of course the way they bring new life into this world... Women are amazing in general!

  1. Which woman in your work environment do you admire? 

Oh my, can I only pick one? This is a hard one for me. I think I would choose artist Raquel van Haver. She is definitely one of the women in my work environment that I deeply admire. She is a Young Stedelijk ambassador and therefore I work closely together with her. She has an amazing life story, is never afraid to show her true self, is extremely powerful ánd kind at the same time and incredibly talented. She had a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in 2019 at the age of 30! I think she is a role model for many young female artists. A short documentary about her life and work just came out. It's a must see.


YOUNG STEDELIJK - Raquel_van_Haver
YOUNG STEDELIJK - Fleur_Schoonhoven


January 14th 2021 | YOUNG STEDELIJK New at Spice: Young Stedelijk

At the beginning of 2014, the Stedelijk Museum launched Young Stedelijk (YS), an initiative that offers a new generation of culture lovers (20-40) the opportunity to connect with the Stedelijk. Young Stedelijk members get
a look behind the scenes of the Stedelijk Museum and engage with about three hundred young (20 to 40 years old) professionals with an interest in art. During a series of events, including (artist) talks, private views and vis- iting art fairs, galleries, auction houses and studios, YS members will learn more about modern and contemporary art and design. Young Stedelijk is directed by Fleur Schoonhoven of the Stedelijk Museum and a group of YS ambassadors, who are elected annually and support the initiative. The ambassadors actively involved in the programming of YS events.

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